FORGET THE LINES takes the pressure off acting, making plays a fun & accessible part of your bible teaching ministry. This PDF book includes seven plays, for all ages, which require minimal preparation.


All of these plays were tested and enjoyed in class and on stage. We used a real motorcycle for our Good Samaritan play on stage, and a pretend one in our classroom setting. "Jesus Likes Kids" was used for a class of 3-6 year olds, who begged to re-enact it several times.



DAVID PREPARES (I Samuel 17:34-37)

ESTHER (from the book of Esther)

FORGIVING FATHER (Luke 15:11-32)

JESUS LIKES KIDS (Luke 15:11-32) (Great for 3-6 year olds)

PARABLE OF THE TWO KIDS (Matthew 21:28-32)

SPEAKING FATHER (1 Samuel 3:1-10)

THE GOOD SAMARITAN (Luke 10:25-37)



Narrator: After David was chosen and anointed as Israel’s next king, he stayed with his father and tended sheep. One day a lion tried to steal one of his sheep, but David struck the lion with his staff.

(A lion grabs a sheep and runs away with it. David chases after the lion. Three staff members follow David, reading from steno pads)

Staff #1: David, son of Jesse, you have a 10 o’clock with Ramone to have your hair done. Do you still want the color, as well as the perm? I hear red is all the rage.

Staff #2: David, son of Jesse, your meeting with the Tie-dye Wool Company is off. The president fell into a vat of violet dye this morning and is having a purple-iptik fit.

Staff #3: David, son of Jesse, I'm sorry to say that your Sling-O-Matic stock has dropped like a stone, but there is good news. Old Noah has decided to open the door on your flood insurance idea.

Lion: Wow, I’m really struck with your staff! (This line must be delivered verbatim or the comedy doesn’t work.)

David: Thank you. They’re very loyal…

Narrator: (clears throat loudly) David! I meant this (holds out cane) staff.

(David takes staff and hits lion on the head with it, killing him)



NARRATOR: The older son was appalled that such a fuss should be made over his rebellious younger brother. He called his father to complain to him.


(Father enters, stage-left)

NARRATOR: "I have worked for you all of these years," the older son said, "and you have never even let me have a BBQ with my friends. And yet you throw a big party for this one, who squandered his whole inheritance on parties!

OLDER SON: It's not fair!

NARRATOR: But the father told him, "Son, you have always been with me and everything I have is yours. But your brother was dead and now he is alive; he was lost and now he is found. It is right that we should celebrate."

OLDER SON: It's still not fair!

FATHER: No, it's not fair, my son. It's love. And I love you, too. (embraces son)


A SAMPLE OF THE PREPARATION INSTRUCTIONS FOR EACH PLAY. This is taken from "Parable of the Two Kids":

PROPS: 2 leaf rakes (or pantomime), video game controller, chair, Barbie dolls

NARRATOR: Must be an excellent reader with natural ability to direct the actors. Some classic comic flair is needed. (suggest adult or confident teen for this role)

ACTORS: (will need to pantomime the narration, as it is spoken)

  • FATHER: (no lines; just pantomime)
  • SON: (3 lines, some acting ability)
  • DAUGHTER: (1 line; comedic acting)

FORGET THE LINES - Biblical Plays that are fun & easy

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