A young man leaves a mist-hidden paradise to search for meaning and his one true love. Will he find both in the beautiful girl with amber-gold eyes, or does she exist only in his dreams?


Book 2 in the Tales of Ellmoria series, Son of Abeilhe introduces new lands and cultures, adding to the story from Bee Singer Queen.


Son of Abeilhe is available on Amazon worldwide in print and e-book versions. You can read the first few chapters there as well.


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What Readers say:


Loved the story line a great sequel to the first book

  • Tina A., Canada (copied from Amazon reviews)



I had the privilege of reading this book before it was published. I couldn't put it down and read it in 4 hours! Teresa is a wonderful and imaginative author such that I can see and feel myself immersed into the book. A part of the story. Her characters come alive. I will be reading this again while I eagerly await Book 3.

  • Dorothy Fry, Prince Edward Island, Canada (copied from Amazon reviews)



A wonderful view of what true love looks like. It's a beautiful story of the struggle of believing in the impossible things God has for us and stepping into our destiny.

  • Amazon customer, Canada (copied from Amazon reviews)



After waiting very impatiently for Book 2 to come out, it did not disappoint. Couldn’t put it down. Need more, these books are amazing!!

  • Wendy, Canada (copied from Amazon reviews)



After reading the first book in the Tales of Ellmoria series, I was thrilled to hear there were to be more in the series. Bee Singer Queen really kept me absorbed in the unfolding of the story. And I wasn't disappointed in the second book, Son of Abeilhe. Another book that I just couldn't put down, because I became so entranced and caught up in the lives of the characters, it was as though I were actually living and interacting with them. I would really recommend these amazing books to anyone who is looking for a book that will make you think, make you feel, and stay with you for a long, long time. So looking forward to yet another in this series, Out of Hiding. I know it will be amazing!!! Thanks, Teresa, for sharing your talent!!!

  • Linda Harding, Prince Edward Island, Canada


Son of Abeilhe: Auberon's Quest


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